Limpopo Leak Detection

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We operate in all provinces and with specialized equipment we will find your leak from above ground without unnecessary digging or lifting of paving. We find leaks underground, in your walls and also in your swimming pools. We have a variety of equipment that we use in order to make sure the leak is located as quickly and efficiently as possible, with minimal if any damage to your property. leak detection chart1 A single tap that drips one drop per second loses 981 liters per month.   CCTV camera sewer line inspection CCTV Drain Inspection can help access possible damage to sewer pipelines. Once deployed it gives a clear picture of possible blockages or damage and we then accurately prescribe a correct and economical course of action.   Video: Limpopo Leak Detection fixing Mokopane Spar’s Water Leak showing how the meter run before the fix.

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