Leak Noise Loggers / Permanent Leak Detection:

The ZoneScan Alpha System is the MOST ADVANCED LEAK DETECTION SYSTEM EVER MADE: This system not only records and detects presence of nearby water leaks, but also performs leak noise correlation to Automatically Pinpoint water leaks while you sleep!

What is most impressive is that this system can be setup into the ZoneScan Alpha network which will detect, pinpoint and report leaks accurately UNMANNED – ANYTIME, AS THEY OCCUR – reporting via the website and reporting using Google Earth Interface. Right now, somewhere in the world, our cloud-service has just found a leak!!

Rian van Heerden

Leak Noise Correlators

Correlators are powerful electronic devices to locate leaks on pressured pipes, where the rough location of the leak is unknown and the distances relatively high. Two (or more) sensors are placed in contact with the pipe on both sides of the suspected leak. Those sensors record and transmit the sound by radio to the processing unit. Mathematical algorythms are used to determine the exact location of certain noise profiles (such as hissing leak sound) on the pipe, by correlating the noises that reach both sensors and measuring the difference it takes to travel on the pipe from the leak location to each sensor. 

The AquaScan correlator range is characterised by world-leading sensors, compact and attractive design, robustness on the field and sophisticated filtering capabilities.

Leak noise loggers are usually programmed to turn on during off peak periods (usually about 1–2 am) and log any noises generated on the network. Comparing data from several loggers placed around a network will identify areas requiring further investigation.

Some of our forms of resources are contracting ourselves to various municipalities, plumbing companies, building contractors and body corporates. Our prices are extremely competitive. We operate by a strict code and conduct. We also pride ourselves in the fact that we ensure complete customer satisfaction.

Limpopo Leak Detection combines expertise in leak detection, drainage and plumbing, to create a full solution for your organisation, from a single service provider.