We would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to our new mini skips.

Previously we had complaints from home owners, especially those who live in complexes, that they cannot use the big skips that you can rent from the municipality, because they:

A. Are too big to take into a complex and  you have to put them on the pavement,

B. When on the pavement,  everybody  just dumps their rubbish in your skip and you have no control over what products are put into you bin.

This problem does not just apply to complexes, but to private residences as well.

With our new mini skip that only measures 1,2m x 2m And only weighs 100kg we can eliminate these problems, as we can put them inside your yard and you will be the only one that uses it.

It can be used for basically anything : Garden Refuse, Building Rubble, Domestic Waste, Paper, Glass, etc.